"Posi-TRAK's focus for coaching is on developing the required leadership competencies at all levels, enhancing overall performance of individuals and groups through collaboration, innovation and employee engagement, and supporting cultural innovation in service of increased profitability."

Posi-TRAK Coaching & Consulting Incorporated

Adria is the Principal of Posi-TRAK Coaching & Consulting Incorporated, which she established in 1992. Posi-TRAK was created as a living, dynamic coaching and consulting organization to challenge the existing model of large consulting firms with their fixed number of employees, Board of Directors and need to maintain high stakeholder value.

Through her company, Adria partners with select experts, associates and coaches to provide a broad range of customized services for individuals and organizations in Canada, the USA and the U.K.

Dedicated to facilitating positive change by helping people get on track with a comprehensive internal shifting process, Posi-TRAK's philosophy emanates from Adria's core belief that there is a specific way for people to collaborate at work, a way which can add customer value, maximize diversity and enable change and adaptation to occur quickly, without risk of financial loss.

Posi-TRAK is committed to treating clients with respect and maintaining their unique integrity.

Posi-TRAK's mission is to support clients in their leadership by providing team coaching, one-on-one coaching, training, assessments and consulting services to individuals and organizations willing to take a stand for personal and professional fulfillment.